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Brainiac Earrings

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Primary color

Thank you so much for checking out The Creatiive Natiive shop! Your support means so much to me. If you have any additional questions about the item, please feel free to message me and I will happily answer them for you. Listed below you’ll find more detailed information about this product. My newest creations are the brainiacs. Each color scheme is named after a different language that translates to "brainiacs", which represents people around the world and that there are no two brains alike. The world is filled with so many opinions, outlooks, ideas and more. Some you may agree with, some you may not and that's quite alright. I wanted to show that it's ok to be different and it's ok to allow others to be different. Maybe this will help? or just be a very interesting piece of jewelry that will create great conversation. Either way, we are all winning.

All earrings are unique and hand crafted at my home studio in Los Angeles. I blend, mix and extrude my own colors. Since they are hand made, there may be slight variations on each piece, more so when you are purchasing a made to order item. The colors you see vary depending on choice, this collection is speckled pink tones and translucent.

The piece is 1.7 inches wide. It is very light weight about 1 ounce. The different blends of colors are so much fun to mix and match with your outfits. The earrings can be fragile, but also very durable for wearing purposes.

There is a bend and flexibility in the clay which is completely normal, do not attempt to bend on purpose.

Shipping out takes about 3-5 days and about 1-5 days once the item has shipped. If you are ordering a made to order piece that takes 10 days to ship out. If you have interest in duplicating any wall hangings, please contact me.

**Creatiive Natiive is not responsible for any items lost in the mail**