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Floral Rainbow #2

Floral Rainbow #2

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The irregular rainbow is where it all began. One day after teaching a polymer clay class, Olivia came home and got to work on experimenting with the clay. What came of it were these uneven arches with kinked ends, topped off with a row of dots. To her surprise, it was an absolute hit when presented online. From there the irregular rainbows became a staple and the starting point of all the polymer clay creations produced today.

As always, each rainbow is one of a kind to ensure you have your own unique piece of artwork to proudly hang in your home. Each color is hand mixed to guarantee the one of a kind item you will receive. 

This bright pastel color scheme is paired perfectly with a silver chain to hang up on any wall in your home. Each rainbow adds a lovely touch of texture to break up the typical look of a framed picture you would usually see to decorate your walls with. In fact, these squiggles match so beautifully with a collection of pictures and wall decor items or hanging on its own. Irregular rainbows make fabulous and fun gifts for your special someone!


3.75 inches wide

4.5 inches from top to bottom of clay

7 inches from top of chain to the bottom of the clay

Polymer clay is very durable and has a slight bend/flexibility to it. Please DO NOT try to bend on purpose to ensure the structure of your piece stays intact. All pieces are water resistant and can easily be cleaned in needed. 

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