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Rebirth and Recharge

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Rebirth and Recharge is symbolized by the brass moth hanging from the eye shaped clay piece. We all need a reminder sometimes that we are forever transforming as humans. The clay design was created using a gradient blend technique. Hung by an all natural cotton cord and sprinkled with hints of brass. Fabulous addition to any living space. The blend of colors in the wall hanging are the perfect fun pop of color! Great for all occasions such as birthdays, baby showers or just to show someone you appreciate them. Ready to be hung up and brighten someone's day!


23 inches long

3.75 inches wide

There is a bend and flexibility in the clay which is completely normal and adds to their durability. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BEND ON PURPOSE.

Shipping out takes about 3-5 days and about 1-5 days once the item has shipped. If you are ordering a made to order piece that takes 10 days to ship out.

**Creatiive Natiive is not responsible for any items lost in the mail**