Liittle Creatiives

Liittle Creatiives Classes are weekly art-based sensory classes for toddlers and their adults to explore and have fun in a child-guided environment. Our teachers bring 3-4 different sensory stations every class, including but not limited to tactile digging bins, water play, painting & stamping activities, dough & clay building, etc! Creatiive Natiive Teachers will model interactive language and play to encourage your child's curiosity, engagement and imagination.

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How it works

Age Requirement

Liittle Creatiives classes are for all walking toddlers who are ready to explore with their hands and not their mouths

Class Times & Location

As long as we have the availability, we can schedule classes Monday - Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm. We travel all over LA for class, and will work with you to find the best time based on our teachers' current schedules. Classes are typically within 10 miles from our headquarters in Sherman Oaks.

Class Size

Class size may be 6-10 children. We are often able to accommodate smaller or larger class sizes, so please ask if this applies to you!

Class Duration

Liittle Creatiives classes are 45 minutes long. If the kids are particularly engaged in the activities, your teacher may decide to extend to one hour at no additional cost. Your teacher will arrive 30 minutes early to set up, and stay 30-40 minutes after class to clean up.

Session Length

Sessions are typically 5-10 weeks in duration, which are paid in full up front. Participants must enroll for the entire session.


Our teachers are always developing new activities! Kids will experience and explore all kinds of different art-based sensory materials, like painting & stamping, water play, dough & clay building and more. We plan developmentally appropriate activities and make sure we're bringing new, exciting materials each week.


$45/child/class, as long as there are at least 6 artists enrolled. Full session payment is due before first class.

We Love Our Class Hosts!

Being a class host means offering your home space for class to be held each week. Hosts are in charge of organizing their class group each session, and are in close communication with the Class Coordinator and teacher about any changes or updates.

Before the first class, we'll just need to know that you have:

  • An outdoor, shady space that's ok to get messy
  • Access to a hose or other water source
  • Access to a bathroom for kids and/or teachers

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