About us

Welcome to Creatiive Natiive


Whether you're meeting us for the first time at a local art market, or have been a part of Creatiive Kiids art classes forever, we believe in fostering meaningful, long-lasting connections with our community.


It's in our name... Creatiivity is a huge part of who we are! To us, creativity means trying new things, and seeing where those choices take you. We commit to providing uplifting and empowering art experiences to everyone in the CN Community.


Our decisions and interactions will always come from a place of kindness and respect. We encourage honesty among customers, employees and within ourselves, and commit to creating a safe space to communicate and listen. This means fostering a judgement-free class environment where kids can explore and guide their own art education; it means greeting every customer who meets us at an art market with a smile; it means listening if employees have concerns. We work to build relationships founded in joy, mutual respect, and love.


We encourage you to search your soul, to take risks, to make mistakes and to show up as your most authentic self. There is beauty to be found everywhere.

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